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Khách sạn Kulm St. Moritz là một trong những khách sạn độc nhất trên thế giới. Nó nằm ở trung tâm của St. Moritz ở độ cao 1.856 m so với mực nước biển với tầm nhìn hoàn hảo ra Hồ St. Moritz. Đằng sau những bức tường lịch sử, du khách có thể mong đợi một bầu không khí vô song của hơn 160 năm truyền thống hiếu khách, tiện nghi hiện đại ở đẳng cấp cao cấp 5 sao và lòng hiếu khách thân thiện.

Khách sạn Kulm St. Moritz đã gây ấn tượng kể từ khi thành lập với sự đổi mới liên tục. Các kỳ nghỉ đông được phát minh ở đây vào năm 1864, và vào năm 1879, đèn điện đầu tiên ở Thụy Sĩ tỏa sáng với tất cả độ sáng của nó. Thế vận hội mùa đông Olympic năm 1928 và 1948 được khai mạc tại công viên Kulm. Ngày nay, nó kết hợp lịch sử độc đáo với sự tiện nghi của hiện tại: các tiện nghi hiện đại được bổ sung một cách trang nhã bởi nội thất lộng lẫy đầu thế kỷ 19.


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We were convinced by the Ælement Fusion door locks because they are concealed in the door and at the same time compatible with the Colombo Design lever handles. This means we can realise our design ideas in a wonderful way.

Heinz E. Hunkeler Director of the Kulm Hotel
  • The 5-star superior hotel wanted to replace its mechanical locking system with an electronic solution. The reason for the replacement was a typical shortcoming of mechanical systems: The old mechanical locking system had ended its life cycle, which affected, among other things, copy protection and reorders. In addition, the administration was becoming increasingly complex due to our structural extensions.

    The new system was primarily intended to achieve more security, flexibility and simpler administration. But it was also focused on the fact that the hotel wanted to offer its guests even more comfort. With an electronic system, if a key is lost, locks no longer have to be changed, which has less of an impact during the stay. In addition, combinations of access rights can be issued, e.g. for families occupying several rooms. And it is of course more convenient for those guests who use the spa to only have a card with them rather than a heavy key.

    In addition, various programming options were important. During the season and the non-season, the hotel has completely different operations. And this also affects the access rights. The new system was to implement this in an uncomplicated way.

    On top of that, the hotel attached great importance to the design. The aim was to install as little visible hardware on the doors as possible. Therefore, only a solution that does not rely on the classic electronic door escutcheons was considered. This also gave the hotel more flexibility with the door handles, which it obtains from the manufacturer Colombo Design from Italy.

  • The Kulm Hotel St. Moritz has been using SALTO's Ælement Fusion design lock on its guest room doors as an electronic hotel locking system since autumn 2018. Simultaneously, the luxury hotel also integrates its external doors and several back-of-house areas into the access control solution. Ælement Fusion is a new electronic door lock that conceals all electronic components in the door except for the small, round reader.

    SALTO online wall readers are installed at the main entrances to make use of various security functions. The wall readers can also be found at the barriers and vehicle entrances, the garage entrance and the supplier entrance. In the back-of-house area, the Kulm Hotel secures the kitchen, wine cellar and warehouse with the electronic access control solution.

    In addition to the main building of the luxury hotel, the staff accommodation, the Country Club and external restaurants are integrated into the system. Wall readers are installed at the respective main entrances and employee entrances.

    The Kulm Hotel uses the software ProAccess Space from SALTO for access management. It is integrated with Protel's PMS (Property Management System). The software has a department operator function (partitions), which means that the same system is used to manage access rights to the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina, which belongs to the same company.

Các lợi ích chính

  • Design lock Ælement Fusion meets the requirement for minimum visibility due to the electronics built into the door.
  • More flexible assignment of rights for guests with electronic hotel locking system than with mechanics
  • Easy customisation of access rights for staff for seasonal and non-seasonal times.
  • Increased security at the online networked exterior doors and guest room doors, as lost keys no longer pose a security risk.

The SALTO technology solution provided at the project.

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