Tập đoàn MBG

Vị trí: Paderborn - Germany

Loại dự án: Bussiness Industry and Manufacturing Facilities

CÁC THƯƠNG HIỆU CAO CẤP QUỐC TẾ MBG GmbH thiết lập các thương hiệu mạnh trong lĩnh vực ẩm thực và bán lẻ tại hơn 58 quốc gia. Với hơn 250 nhân viên, MBG Group ngày nay tạo ra hơn 200 triệu euro. Danh mục đầu tư của MBG tại Đức bao gồm 15 thương hiệu riêng và mười thương hiệu bán hàng, bao gồm nước tăng lực, nước khoáng, đồ uống hỗn hợp, trà đá, rượu vang, rượu vang, grappa, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, sambuca, whisky và rượu mùi thảo mộc cũng như đồ ăn nhẹ. MBG vận hành các trung tâm hậu cần của riêng mình tại Paderborn và Munich và cung cấp cho hơn 62.000 khách hàng chỉ riêng ở Đức, bao gồm các nhà bán lẻ thực phẩm, trạm xăng, 66% cửa hàng ẩm thực hàng đầu của Đức và 800 nhà bán buôn đồ uống chuyên dụng.


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SALTO's system works reliably, which not only ensures the security of our company, but at the same time provides a much more pleasant user experience for the employees. This in turn has a decisive impact on the acceptance of our access control.

Jörg Loh IT Director of MBG Group
  • The company was looking for a new access control system for its headquarters in Paderborn. The previous electronic locking system did not work reliably. It happened that employees could not open doors even though they were authorised to do so.

    In detail, a central administration with individual profiles and time-based access rights as well as the option to block transponders remotely were important to those responsible. Moreover, only one medium with multi-application should be used for the integration of the alarm system and time and attendance in the warehouse. In the future, the option of using the gym, cashless payment and PC login should also be implemented with the credential.

    Another aspect for the selection was the scalability, also across national borders: This has two main reasons. On the one hand, the headquarters will not be completely equipped in one go, but MBG is constantly expanding the system in small steps. On the other hand, it is an internationally operating company for which it is quite conceivable that the system will be extended to the branch offices.

  • The central requirements of the beverage company were a stable function as well as a differentiated and clear access rights management. Those responsible achieved this with a solution from SALTO, which noticeably improves the security of the company and at the same time offers simple handling.

    In order to familiarise themselves with the possibilities of current access control solutions, they researched in advance and also looked at several systems in other companies. With the knowledge gained and the requirements, they turned to a local installer who recommended the SALTO Space system platform because it exactly matched the requirements. A test installation was set up on some doors so that the responsible persons could check and analyse the range of functions. The technical requirements were also clarified together, especially for the server installation.

    The SALTO Space system platform was particularly convincing with the reliability and speed of its hardware and data transmission as well as the convenient administration in the management software. Compared to the previous system, the access rights management is now much simpler and more sophisticated. As a result, MBG now benefits from higher security, a better overview and less effort for maintenance.

Các lợi ích chính

  • By creating suitable zones and access groups, new employees can be added quickly and easily.
  • Selected doors have been given a time restriction, otherwise MBG uses different opening modes to suit the respective doors.
  • Battery status and status of doors and users can be viewed centrally, making the system easy to administer.
  • Lost keys are no longer a problem because transponders can be blocked remotely at the main entrance.

The SALTO technology solution provided at the project.

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