The Houghton Hotel

Vị trí: Johannesburg - South Africa

Loại dự án: Luxury Hotels Bussiness

Khách sạn Houghton là một điểm đến phong cách sống cho những ai chỉ muốn tận hưởng những gì tốt nhất mà Johannesburg phải cung cấp trong một môi trường an ninh và tốt nhất. Là thành viên của thương hiệu cao cấp 5 sao danh tiếng, “Khách sạn hàng đầu thế giới” với các khách sạn ở Nam Phi như The Saxon Hotel, Michelangelo, The Oyster Box và The Twelve Apostles. Sự phát triển mới yêu cầu Kiểm soát ra vào đối với các phòng nghỉ, căn hộ và các dịch vụ sau nhà.

Khác biệt với những sản phẩm còn lại, đây là một sản phẩm được xây dựng độc đáo thể hiện kiến trúc và thiết kế tuyệt vời cho phép mang lại sự riêng tư và tiện lợi tối đa, phục vụ cho các nhóm phân khúc khác nhau và các thị trường riêng lẻ.


  • 86
    phòng khách
  • 7
    căn hộ áp mái
  • 6
    thang máy
  • 12
    cửa sau nhà
  • 54
    đồ trang trí và tay cầm miễn phí
  • Ethnic Technologies was tasked with the IT security needs for the Houghton Hotel. As a specialist consulting firm, they needed to put forward a solution to cater for the hotel guest requirements and turnkey access control functionality. The challenge was to find a fit for purpose solution that was not only secure and future proof with NFC and BLE technologies, but it needed to be modern and scalable. It also needed to provide an aesthetic appealing integration to the architectural design of the doors and rooms. Finding all of the above and remaining cost effective with quality solutions can be very challenging.

  • An RFI (Request for Information) was put out to manufacturers and based on the total requirements a shortlist created of which Salto was part off.

    Pricing was a factor, but one big requirement was the aesthetics and access control functionality the solution needed to provide.

    Salto has a big range of products and offers a full-blown access control platform in a single solution and ultimately won the project based on overall range and functionality we could offer cost effectively.

    The strength in the Salto SVN offering was a great feature in the offline solution and managing data on a daily basis. 

    Front of house Reception needed the Salto Access control system to interface with Protel a PMS solution (Property Management Solution) chosen by The Houghton to allow easy assignment to guest rooms and any back of house doors. While Salto Space access control software is used by back of house operators to manage staff and contractors. The Salto Space Access Control software platform can offer integration to PMS solutions and in the same platform offer a turnkey solution to all the Hotels access control requirements.  

    Systems Africa a Salto IBP was tasked to deliver on the solution and secured 86 guest rooms, 7 penthouses, 6 lifts, 12 back of house doors and to ensure that all the doors ironmongery matched they also supplied and installed 54 complimentary mortises and handles.

Các lợi ích chính

  • Integration with PMS solution.
  • Aesthetic handle and product finish.
  • BLE and NFC functionality for mobile devices.
  • Single software solution delivering on hospitality and access control requirements.
  • Secure future proof technology.
  • Fit for purpose solution.

It was truly an honor working on this project. New built projects need a lot of time to get to a final solution handover and there is bound to be challenges along the way, be clear in everything you can offer to always be able to deliver on your solution promised. There are a lot of moving parts and many people who has a responsibility on the build and working in tandem and having all people onboard is key to any successful solution.

Wouter Du Toit Regional Director

The SALTO technology solution provided at the project.

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CU4000 Door Controller

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